Mark O. Johnson

Founder & CEO

Creative Benefit Solutions founder and CEO, Mark Johnson, has worked alongside clients as a strategic partner for their health insurance and welfare needs for 26 years.

Mark earned a football scholarship to Vanderbilt University and graduated with a degree in human resources and organizational development. Mark’s entrepreneurial ambitions began at Vanderbilt where he started a successful barber shop called “Stump’s Barbershop.” Mark’s tenacity and ability to drive business results has continued throughout his career.

After graduating from Vanderbilt, Mark spent two decades working a variety of roles in the insurance world for some of the most prominent insurance providers. Mark has worked for Alabama’s largest health insurance provider and in brokerage and business development for one of the principal international insurance companies.

Since founding Creative Benefit Solutions in 2003, Mark has continuously worked to build a strong team focused on problem solving and transparency. His experience and expertise allows him to work with clients to build personalized, comprehensive solutions for complex business scenarios.